Construction materials price list in nepal 2018

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Construction materials price list in nepal 2018

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Similarly, the cost of Number 1 Quality Brick was Rs. Since its establishment in B. Bricks Number 1 Quality: Number 1 quality bricks are used for the construction of external walls.

These bricks can be over burned, and the size and shape may not be uniform. Coating or plaster is required if you construct your walls with this brick. They are normally used for the construction of temporary structures. Comment Full Name :.

Cement prices rise in Nepal

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Verificatons :. Amrit Simkhada. Can you provide me the current rate of bricks, it should be 1st number quality.Construction material price falls significantly Price of the construction materials, especially, iron, cement, sand and pebbles, has declined significantly over a year.

The price of the construction materials went down upto by 35 per cent over a year due to decrease in their demand following the completion of about 80 per cent reconstruction works and the slow pace of development works, said Rabi Singh, president of the Federation of Contractors' Association Nepal FCAN. According to him, price of iron decreased by 20 per cent to Rs. A year ago, cost of a kilogram of iron was above Rs. The price of iron reached Rs. A decade ago, its price had reached Rs.

Likewise, price of cement also declined by 35 per cent in the local market. Per sack of cement 50 kg is now available at the range of Rs. A year ago, the customers had to pay Rs.

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The price of cement depends on its quality. They used to ask Rs. The price of pebbles has also declined to Rs. Price of bricks has also decreased to Rs. A year ago, costs of bricks varied based on their demand and season but now, the traders are supplying bricks at similar rate.

However, the price of bricks slightly had varied based on their quality. He said that reduction in the price of construction materials was good for the country, but it should be sustainable because the price of construction materials had fallen due to unhealthy competition among the producers.

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Kiran Sakha, chairman of Sakha Group, said that the excessive supply of iron was a major reason behind the fall of its price. The demand of cement is now low in the country compared to two years ago, he said.

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The production capacity of cement industries is 15 million tonnes a year which is almost one and a half times higher than the demandhe said. According to him, the improvement in supply of electricity and reduction in the price of coal in the international market also led to fall in cement prices in the local market.

The price of coal has decreased by almost 40 per cent in the international market. Cost of Iron : - Current price: Rs. Truck of Sand: - Current price: Rs. Price of Bricks: Per piece: - Current price: Rs. As a valuable member of housingnepal. Web Portfolio. Online Marketing Services. About Us. Contact Us. Latest News:. Monday April 13, Property News. News Home.He added that it is a favourable time for those thinking of constructing a house as the price of cement has fallen by Rs per sack whereas that of rods has dipped by Rs per kg.

Teku dealer Surendra Das Shrestha said the price of Indian cement has fallen more sharply than that of Nepali cement.

The price of Reliance cement is Rs per kg sack, which was Rs last month. Since cement occupies 29 percent of the overall construction cost, the drop in the price of cement had made fresh construction cheaper by two per cent than a month ago. Likewise, the price of steel rods has gone down to Rs 64 per kg.

A month ago, the price was Rs per kg. The price of different brands of steel rods like Panchakanya, Himal, Saakha and Jagadamba varies by about Rs per kg compared to the previous month, said Shrestha.

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The drop in price of steel rods that comprise 29 per cent of overall construction cost has further reduced construction cost by more than 3 per cent a month ago.

The price of sand has remained constant at Rs 50 per cubic feet while that of bricks has decreased by Rs Earlier, it was Rs 8, per 1, bricks and bricks cost Rs per pieces. However, the price of bricks varies from place to place, depending on the production rate of brick industries. He added that manufacturers are cheating the government by paying less tax than the actual amount to be paid. Nepal April 13, Toggle navigation.

Cement prices rise in Nepal

Source: THT.The prices of steel rods, Nepali cement and bricks -- the three major construction materials -- have dipped in the market. Contractors said the fall in the prices has made construction cheaper by some 10 percent as compared with three months ago. Since steel rod commands a whopping 29 percent weight in overall construction cost, this double-digit decline in its price alone has dragged down the overall construction cost by about 5 percent.

Dealers attributed this drop in the price of steel rod to global decline in the price of raw steel. Likewise, the price of Nepali cement, which commands another 28 percent weight in construction budget, has dropped by some eight percent.

construction materials price list in nepal 2018

Ajit Chalise of Sulabh Construction Suppliers at Kaushaltar said Nepali cement is currently being traded at about Rs per sack of 50 kgwhich is cheaper by nearly Rs 50 than three months ago. Owing to this price difference, contractors said if an individual is presently buying Nepali cement for the construction works, he will find his cost shrunk by over 2 percent than what he would have incurred three months ago.

But no such benefit will come if consumers are using Indian cement because the price of Indian cement has remained fairly constant at about Rs per sack over this period.

The price of bricks in the Valley, too, has dipped by 10 percent during the period. Since bricks command 12 percent weight in overall construction budget, contractors said this has further dragged down the construction cost by about 1.

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Contractors, however, noted that the people will not enjoy these lowered prices for long. Once the load-shedding hours pick up, which is projected to soar as high as 12 hours a day over the next three months, they said the producers of all construction commodities will raise their prices, citing increase in their cost of production.

As for now, the price of sand has remained constantly high at Rs 45 per cubic feet over the last three months. The price of aggregate, too, has remained constant at Rs 40 per cubic feet. Prices of construction materials falls. Source: Republica.The page will also be of immense help to those who are looking to get into the business of building material retail or supply and are conducting some market research. We have tried our best to ensure that the figures and other details on this page are as accurate as possible.

And we do our best to keep the page updated in line with market fluctuations. So, just read on to get all the information you need. Because the list of building materials available in Nigeria is an inexhaustible one, we have decided to make things easier for you by posting links specifically to different materials.

The building material markets are among the biggest markets in Nigeria. In fact, structures are being erected every day. Personal houses, malls, churches, halls, mosques, office buildings, and other building projects are being embarked on every moment. Building materials market is a big one and it remains among the most patronized. With various building materials available in the market, we take a detailed look at most of the most indispensable materials required for a building project and how much they cost in the current market.

It should be noted that the list below contains products that are manufactured both in Nigeria and outside the country. These materials are readily available all over the country. The variation in prices of these materials is as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate for materials that are imported, place and period of purchase, brand and other related factors.

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Prices of cements have been inconsistent over the past decade, although the prices are gradually becoming more stable, the inconsistency still remains a concern in the building materials market. The variation in the prices is as a factor of the place and period of purchase. Here are prices of popular cement brands in Nigeria.

It goes without saying that a high quality building material would be more expensive than a low quality one. Sometimes, the price difference could be as high as multiples of 3 or even more. And sadly, here in Nigeria, many low-quality products are widely sold because most Nigerians care less about quality. Rather, they play the cost-cutting card and choose products that cost the least prices. The most important thing to note, however, is that high quality products provide long term value and peace of mind.

And they can even be more cost effective in the long haul. Imagine that you have to make a choice between a US-made kitchen sink that costs N45, for example and a China-made model that looks almost like it and has the same features but costs N15, If you go for the cheaper option, you might have spent more than N50, on subsequent repair and replacement over the next 15 years, while the high-quality option keeps serving you for decades without any need for repair.

Some brands command higher prices than others, not necessarily because their products are all that better than others, but because they have established a reputation for quality over the years.Price of steel rod too has jumped by more than 25 per cent than last month. A month ago, it was priced Rs 62 per kg. The rate is two-fold of what was this season last year. As a valuable member of housingnepal.

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construction materials price list in nepal 2018

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construction materials price list in nepal 2018

Monday April 13, Article Home. Market Pulse. Acts and policies. Rates and trends. Property Guides. Prices of construction materials rebound. The prices of major construction materials — cement and steel in particular — have soared sharply, pushing the cost of constructions up by as much as 20 per cent. Previous Next. Stumble Upon. Construction materials become cheaper, but there are few buyers, say dealers How Road Department officials traced their building's ownership history Could prefabricated panels be preferred choice for roofs and walls?

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construction materials price list in nepal 2018

Advertise Property. Post Requirement. All trademarks, logo and names are properties of their respective owners.A list of building materials is required before you start your construction project whether it is home, industrial or for commercial purpose. The basic construction materials list includes cement, steel, sand, ready-mix concrete, binding wires, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, bricks, blocks etc.

Any material used in building construction has to be selected carefully to ensure safety and long lasting life of the building. All the building construction materials come in different grades, Sizes, and Brands which are used for different purposes in construction based on their functionality and strength. Cement is a material that sets, hardens and can bind together all other building materials. All these different grades of cement are manufactured by a number of brands in India.

TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanical Treatment which is a metallurgical process to produce high strength steel bars from low carbon steel. It plays an important role in giving structure to a construction project. TMT steel comes in Fe grade, Fe D grade and Fe grade which signifies the strength of the steel in ascending order as mentioned here. River sand is extracted from the river bed and manufactured sand is made artificially.

The manufactured sand also well-known as the M-sand is gaining popularity due to the recommendation from the government and its fineness and dust free quality and also due to the fact that river sand is scarce in nature and is unavailable and costly. Thriveni, Robo silicon, Materialtree Sand etc. Ready-mix concrete is readily available concrete as it is manufactured in a factory and directly delivered at the construction site.

It is preferred over the on-site concrete mixing use to the precise mixture and reduced work at the site. Binding wires as the name suggests is used to bind the TMT Steel bars and help in providing proper structure to the construction due to the stability of the TMT Steel Bars.

Fine aggregates consist of River sand, M-sand or the Slag sand used for construction. Coarse aggregates are the fillers in concrete mixes. It is offered in 6 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm sizes in India. Coarse aggregates are also recognized as blue metal, jelly, and crushed stone. The purpose of the coarse aggregate is to act as the main load-bearing ingredient of the concrete.

Bricks and Blocks are used for building walls. They come in different shapes, sizes, and strength based on different construction requirements. High strength bricks and blocks are mainly used for load-bearing walls as they have the capacity to withstand the pressure due to the load. Clay bricks start from Rs 5. You can now buy all the building materials online right here in a single package and save time and money.


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